recent successes

The task: Build a good looking blog about fatherhood using WordPress, a popular blogging software package.

The result: More Diapers. One man's quest for modern fatherhood. Site:

The task: NCAM, a division of WGBH with a mission to make technology accessible to those with disablities, needed a site to support their newest product, CaptionKeeper. Oneguyshead named the product, designed the logo, built the site and donated it to the cause.

The result: CaptionKeeper site:

The task: Joe McKendry needed a gallery site that showcased his wide range of painting styles. He wanted the option to add pieces as his works grew as well as the ability to pull them off the site when the paintings sold. Most importantly, the design had to be elegant, clean and not overwhelm his paintings with needless design elements

The result: Joe McKendry's first site:

The task: a modern artist needs an inexpensive site to compliment his untraditional marketing efforts

The result: Dean Hunter-Cutrona's first site:

The task: take a successful specialty food shop located in Boston's historic and trendy South End and develop a website that allows them to edit their catering menus and weekly specials, while keeping the feel of their beautiful store.

The result: South End Formaggio's first site:

The task: design a new user interface, migrate a FrontPage designed site and 30 unlinked pages of information into an entirely new navigational structure for a Boston area employment agency complete with an easy to update and secure job board.

The result: Alternative Solutions new website alternativesolutionsonline

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